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p-bass vs jazz bass

P-bass or Jazz-bass has been an ongoing argument in the bass guitar community for ages, and bass players are often faced with the dilemma of which model to choose. Although

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best acoustic bass guitars

Today we review the best acoustic bass guitars that instantly will boost your acoustic low-end game. Whether you’re an experienced bassist ready to add an acoustic bass to your guitar

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Best short scale bass guitars

There are no surprises as to why short-scale bass guitars have grown in popularity over the past years – they are easier to play and offer a deeper tone than

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Best bass compressor pedals

Today I’m reviewing the 10 best bass compressor pedals available. Whether your playing live on a stage or recording your next EP in a studio, a bass compressor will help

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best bass preamp pedals

When choosing the best bass preamp for your recording setup, it’s best to choose one that works well in whatever genre you are playing. The electric bass guitar is a

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best bass tuner

It doesn’t matter how talented you are as a bass player. You just can’t make an out-of-tune bass sound great.  With these bass tuners, it’s now easier than ever to

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