10 Best Free Autotune VST Plugins – Improve Your Vocal Tracks For Free

Martin Kristiansen

Martin Kristiansen

My name is Martin Kristiansen and I’m the founder and chief editor of HomeStudioIdeas.com. I’ve been playing, recording and producing music for the last 10 years.

Autotune VST plugins are ideal for recording vocals or dealing with vocal samples. They may be used to generate a variety of effects, ranging from synthetic, future tones to simple pitch corrections. Paid options can be expensive, but luckily there are some free autotune plugins available. Let’s dive right into the best free autotune VSTs on the market!

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At a Glance: Our Pick of the Best Free Autotune VSTs

  • Graillon 2 (Free Edition)
  • MAutoPitch
  • GSnap
  • X42 Auto-Tune
  • KeroVee
  • Auto-Tune Evo
  • AutoTalent
  • Voloco
  • BeatLab Autotuna (Ableton only)
  • Soundtrap Auto-Tune (Soundtrap only)

Graillon 2 (Free Edition)

Compatibility: macOS | Windows

best free autotune vst plugin
Graillon 2 – Free Edition

Graillon 2 Free Edition by Auburn Sounds is definitely one of the best free Autotune VST plugins available. It’s compatible with all major DAWs on Windows and macOS that can host VST and AU formats.

The interface has a nice vintage vibe and it’s designed in such a way that everything is easy to find. The UI displays all notes that are being played as well as which notes Grallion 2 is pitch-correcting to.

This free autotune plugin is extremely powerful and easy to use. To get started, insert it as an insert effect on your vocal mix channel and turn on the Correction module. The effect kicks in immediately without any tweaking.

If your track requires further tweaking, you can choose which specific scale you want Graillon 2 snapping to. You can also change the pitch correction speed, along with sensitivity by defining the note detection range. The dry/wet controls can be used to define how much processing you want. ‘Dry’ being completely unprocessed and ‘Wet’ will give you a robotic sound effect. If you’re looking for minor pitch correction adjustments, you should set it to somewhere in between.

Graillon 2 (Free Edition) is a “freemium” of the full version Graillon 2, meaning it doesn’t have all features. With the free version, you get pitch shifting and pitch correction functionality. If you want all available features, it will set you back $39.

Download: Graillon 2 (Free Edition)


Compatibility: macOS | Windows

MAutoPitch Free Autotune

MeldaProduction is a renowned audio plugin company and has created tons of great free VSTs. Even the famous progressive house artist Deadmau5 uses their plugins in his productions.

This free autotune plugin is compatible with all VST and AU plugin hosts on PC and Mac. One plus is the extremely easy install. All MeldaProduction’s plugins are packed into a single installer file, which makes the installation and setup process friction-free.

MAutoPitch is a free autotune VST with typical pitch correction features such as depth, detune speed, and range (similar to Graillon 2). MAutoPitch also has a couple of bonus features like stereo width adjustment, automatic gain control, and limiter.

It also lets you choose between different scales such as Major, Minor, Chromatic, and Pentatonic. You get a nice visual display so you can monitor which notes the plugin corrects, and which notes it snaps to.

Another useful feature is MAutoPitch’s MIDI processor, which allows you to control any parameters in real-time with help of a MIDI controller.

The pitch correction feature isn’t as great as in Graillon 2, as it sometimes unintentionally snaps to unwanted notes, even if you’re granular with your settings. Another drawback is the big banner on the bottom of the plugin. If you want it removed, you have to buy the full version which costs

Download: MAutoPitch


Compatibility: Windows

GSnap Autotune VST

GSnap by Graham Yeadon was the first free autotune VST on the market. Because of the rarity of pitch-correction tools at the time, it was used in millions of music productions. Don’t be mistaken, even if it’s old, it still packs a punch.

The interface is simple, similar to Graillon 2 and MAutoPitch. You have 12 knobs at your fingertips, which allows you to tweak the autotune with precision and accuracy. The knobs are divided into 3 different sections:

  • Detection: Min Freq, Max Freq, Gate, and Speed
  • Correction: Threshold, Amount, Attack, and Release
  • MIDI: Pitch bend, Vibrato, Vib Speed, and Calibrate

For more in-depth explanations of all parameters, I recommend you reading the GSnap manual.

What’s cool about GSnap is (as the name implies) the ability to control the notes it snaps to through MIDI. So how is that useful? You don’t have to rely on the plugin’s automatic pitch detection algorithm.

For example, if you’re going to fine-tune a singer’s performance, you can play the correct note on a MIDI keyboard and feed the correct pitch into the plugin. This is great as it prevents unwanted snapping.

If you don’t own a MIDI keyboard, you can use the auto-detect feature which works great. You can set it to a specific scale or you can instruct the VST to never snap to certain notes.

One major drawback is that GSnap only works on Windows-based systems.

Download: GSnap  

X42 Auto-Tune

Compatibility: macOS | Windows | Linux

X42 Auto-Tune

X42 Auto-Tune is a free autotune VST plugin that is a true pitch-correction software. It simply applies subtle pitch adjustments on vocals slightly out of tune. The plugin doesn’t include formant correction functionality, meaning you can’t create any robotic effects or transpose an entire track. Even if it seems simple compared to GSnap, MAutoPitch, or Graillon 2, it does a pretty good job.

One of the best features of the X42 Auto-Tune is the ability to create ultra-realistic vocals. 

 Two knob controls aids with this: 

  • The “Bias” knob controls how long the original note lasts before the pitch correction kicks in. By tweaking this knob you can go a little bit off-tune, and create a realistic and natural voice recording. 
  • The “Offset”-knob helps you adjust how much out of tune the singer has to be before the processing starts.

Thanks to its simplicity and realistic capabilities, the X42 Auto-Tune is one of the best free autotune VST plugins available. It’s also compatible with both macOS, Windows, and Linux-based systems.

Download: X42 Auto-Tune  


Compatibility: Windows

KeroVee Free Autotune

Like X42 Auto-Tune, KeroVee is more of a subtle pitch correction software than a VST focused on effects. You’re not going to be able to create any future tones or robotic effects. However, if you have a vocal recording slightly out of tune, KeroVee will get the job done.

The interface has a retro look which can feel outdated. If you can look past that, you’ll find it simple, intuitive, and easy to understand. What you see is what you get.

So what about functionality? KeroVee has the same basic controls as both MAutoPitch and Graillon 2. That includes knobs for TuneSpeed, Amount, Transpose, etc. Similar to GSnap and Graillon 2, you have the option for MIDI routing. This allows you to control which notes KeroVee snaps to with the help of a MIDI controller. 

The unique feature is the ‘Nuance’-knob. This controls how to handle the vibrato of the unprocessed natural sound. If you turn the knob to the far right, the plugin will pitch correct the smallest vibrato, resulting in a mechanical sound. If you fine-tune the Nuance knob, you can create a natural and humanlike sound, even if autotuned.

One disadvantage is the lack of macOS compatibility. However, if you produce on a Windows-based system, KeroVee is one of the best free autotune VST plugins available. It uses almost zero CPU and works great on both old 32-bit systems and new 64-bit operating systems.

Download: KeroVee

Auto-Tune Evo

Compatibility: Windows

Auto-Tune Evo

Auto-Tune Evo is a free autotune VST from the famous audio plugin company Antares Audio Technology. It was released back in February of 2018 and has been the go-to plugin for producers looking for free autotune options. Like many other free autotune plugins, Auto-Tune Evo was created with vocals in mind.

Auto-Tune Evo is a free version of Antares legendary original Autotune plugin. It has some restrictions but overall it’s the best free autotune VST when it comes to functionality. It can operate in two modes, Automatic and Graphical.

Using Graphical, you can pinpoint exactly where you want the pitch correction to apply on your track. It’s more time-consuming but it’s the best option if you want to make subtle changes and keep the vocal as natural as possible, without having common artifacts of tuning noticeable.

If you want pitch correction across an entire track, you can use the Automatic Mode. By doing so, you’re relying on the plugin’s automatic pitch detection algorithm. Note that you can still adjust speed, key, scale, and formants for customization.

Overall, this free autotune VST can be powerful for both beginner and advanced producers.

Download: Auto-Tune Evo


Compatibility: Linux


AutoTalent is a must-have if you’re looking for an autotune VST for your Linux system. Don’t let the stripped-down interface fool you, this freebie is fully featured and comparable to paid options. It can be used for both subtle pitch corrections, robotic auto-tunes (think Cher and T-Pain), and faux vocal doubling.

AutoTalent lets you specify which notes the vocalist should be hitting, and adjusts accordingly. It includes all basic parameters you find on other autotune plugins which include scale and note selections, formant shifting, and the ability to exclude notes.

Besides these typical parameters, it provides us with an extremely useful feature that other free autotune plugins lack: Vibrato. The Vibrato-section lets you add vibrato to the vocal track to give them a more humanlike sound. If you maximize these settings, it can also be used as an effect.

Producers who create tracks on Linux-based systems have a limited selection of plugins at their disposal. AutoTalent is a free and yet extremely powerful autotune plugin, which will make a great addition to the toolbox.

Download: AutoTalent


Compatibility: macOS | Windows | iOS | Android

Voloco Autotune VST

Voloco differs from other free autotune VST plugins in this list. Why? It’s designed exclusively as a creative tool. Think of it more as a voice transformation plugin, rather than a vocal pitch correction software. If your goal is to apply subtle pitch adjustments on vocals slightly out of tune, go for other options in this roundup.

Voloco is a great autotune if you produce electronic music and want a futuristic robot-sounding effect on your vocal tracks. There are no tweaking options available and the entire plugin consists of 6 presets. You can also set the key, scale, and amount of pitch correction for each preset. It’s extremely beginner-friendly and fun to play with.

Overall, Voloco is a fun plugin to play around with, but it’s not the most in-depth auto-tuner. If you’re an advanced producer and want more functionality and tweaking options, you would be better of with GSnap, AutoTalent, or Graillon 2. On the other hand, if you’re new to auto-tuners, Voloco is a great starting point!

There is also a mobile version available which you can download for free on App Store or Google Play.

Download: Voloco 

Other Great Free Autotune VSTs

These free autotune VST plugins are great options if you use Ableton or Soundtrap. They lack compatibility with other DAWs such as Logic Pro and FL Studio.

BeatLab Autotuna (Ableton Only)

Compatibility: Live 9 Standard (version 9.1.7 or higher) | Max for Live (version 6.1.9 or higher)

BeatLab Autotuna
BeatLab Autotuna

BeatLab Autotuna is a simple yet powerful free autotune VST that comes as part of a free Max4live pack. It’s a much easier-to-use software compared to the original Autotuna, where you had to manually select which notes and scales to include. 

With BeatLab’s version, you can select built-in scales or import your own, and have your vocals snap to the correct notes automatically. If you set a certain scale in Ableton Live or on your Push-control, Autotuna adjusts smoothly. The interface features basic controls such as dry/wet, amount, and correction settings. 

Besides only being available for Ableton Live users, one drawback of Autotuna is the basic pitch correction tool. There is not much room for tweaking and if you are a more advanced producer, you would be better off with Graillon 2 or KeroVee.

Download: Autotuna

Soundtrap Auto-Tune (Soundtrap Only)

Soundtrap Auto-Tune
Soundtrap’s built-in Auto-Tune

Soundtrap is a free browser DAW that offers plenty of recording and mixing options. One of the features is their own AutoTune software.

You can choose how hard the pitch correction effect will be, and there are options for heavy and light processing. By clicking on the notes, you can select which notes Auto-Tune should snap. Besides that, all the major and minor scales are available.

Since online browser DAWs are rather limited, the plugin is a bit clumsy and you have to dial in all your settings and process the track before you’re able to hear the effect. If you don’t like the result, you have to click on ‘cancel’ and try again. It’s still pretty cool that you can autotune your vocals in your browser, and the result is surprisingly good.

The Best Budget-Friendly Autotune VST Plugins

If you have some money to spend and are willing to buy a premium autotune plugin that won’t break the bank, there are some budget-friendly alternatives available.

Many free autotune VSTs add noticeable artifacts of tuning. These budget-friendly options have more functionality and a higher-quality pitch correction. The following autotune VST plugins are my recommendations:

  • Auto-Tune Access: The more affordable and stripped-down version of the original autotune plugin from Antares, Auto-Tune.
  • Melodyne 5 Essential: The most basic version of another classic autotune VST, Melodyne. It still offers great functionality and should be enough for most producers.
  • iZotope Nectar Elements: This VST is the most advanced autotune plugin in this review. It’s a complete vocal mixing software with a built-in pitch module.


What is Autotune?

Auto-Tune (or autotune) is a pitch correction tool that allows singers to achieve perfection by correcting bad notes and wavering pitches. Autotuners can also be used for achieving robotic vocal effects which in recent years has dominated the pop genre. It’s been widely used by artists like Lady Gaga and T-Pain.

How Does Autotune Work?

All standard autotune VST plugins include controls for setting a reference point. This could be a scale or certain notes. You also have the option to set a speed, which determines how fast the pitch correction kicks in. If you set it at a fast speed, the correction will happen quickly, making it sound artificial or digitized. A slow calibrated speed will make the pitch correction sound natural and humanlike.

How Do I Install Free Autotune VST Plugins?


  1. Download the free autotune VST plugin
  2. Unzip the VST file
  3. Copy the .dll-file to your VST plugin folder
  4. Restart your DAW
  5. Rescan your plugin folder in your DAW


  1. Download the free plugin
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Locate the .vst-file or .component-file
  4. Copy it to your VST plugin folder
  5. Restart your DAW
  6. Rescan your plugin folder in your DAW 

Can I Use Autotune In Live Performances?

Yes, you can use autotune in live performances. Singers can control the autotune effect by either a rack mount or a foot pedal. The vocal performance is usually quantized to the closest semitones. However, if a vocalist is completely off, there is a good chance that some notes will snap to the wrong semitone. You can also maximize the settings during live performances to create a robotic effect.

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