12 Best Music Collaboration Websites in 2021

Martin Kristiansen

Martin Kristiansen

My name is Martin Kristiansen and I’m the founder and chief editor of HomeStudioIdeas.com. I’ve been playing, recording and producing music for the last 10 years.

Jam sessions are great, but imagine if you could connect with thousands of musicians from around the world at the click of a button. 

Music collaboration sites make this possible. They can connect you to musicians you work well with and give you access to libraries of backtracks and sounds. Different websites have different integrated features which can appeal to you based on your specific needs.

These 12 websites will open up music production for you and allow you to create tracks that are fresh, innovative, and your best work yet. 

Keep reading to find out the best features of each application and how it can help you learn more as a musician, connect with music makers who want to work with you, and write your next hit.

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Kompoz is a crowdsourcing-style music collaboration website that helps you find other people who make music you like. 80,000 musicians trust Kompoz to complete projects every day. You can search by instrument needed to complete a song or by the genre you’re interested in. 

Kompoz has been a music collaboration leader since 2007 and led the way for modern apps and websites to follow. If you’re looking for a reliable option that has stood the test of time and became an industry favorite, look no further than Kompoz. 

Key Features:

  • Accessible layout
  • A massive user base of musicians worldwide
  • Crowdsourcing model. 


Splice is designed for music makers to use with confidence as they create their next big hit song. Sync across multiple devices to access your creations wherever you are. Every day there are new and exclusive artist packages that are released for users, so you can make innovative music all the time, anytime. 

Splice supports a wide variety of plugins and uses a simple workflow, making this great for beginners, so you can focus on music instead of struggling with tech questions. 

Key Features:

  • The ability to use multiple devices
  • The industry-exclusive content for producers
  • A powerful AI that can even make suggestions on what sounds good or needs to be fixed. 


Made by Spotify, Soundtrap is a tool designed with music production in mind. Starting at a low monthly rate, there are four levels of membership available that you can choose from. The website features a built-in text and video chat to discuss your music collaborations easily and as you work. 

It’s simple to curate your sounds and start a new piece with the easy-to-navigate user layout, which is completely intuitive for anyone who already uses Spotify. 

Key Features:

  • Integrated text and video chat
  • Massive catalog of loops
  • Live studio


Flat is a unique music collaboration website in that its primary focus is sharing composition sheet music with others. You can collaborate on melodies with 3 million other composers around the world. Multiple people can work on one project live at a time, and as you write a professional-level note, annotations will provide feedback as you compose in real-time. 

This is truly a unique experience and a fantastic option for anyone looking to write and share sheet music online. 

Key Features:

  • Advanced History function, which saves every single change you make to a log on your account. 
  • Offline support available so that if you lose your connection, your work isn’t lost. 
  • Live MIDI feature learns valuable information about how you compose as you use the website.


Connecting over 30 million users and boasting a rating of 4.7 on the Appstore, BandLab is a considerable force in making music online. BandLab is free, with no hefty signup fees or packages. Everything is completely free to use, and you can create unlimited projects with ease. Beginners can be connected to the world of music collaboration without any difficulties standing in their way. 

The app is available on both Apple and Android and is easy to use and navigate. If you’re just getting started in music production and want to instantly connect to a large pool of musicians with an intuitive online experience, consider checking out BandLab. 

Key Features:

  • Live editing ability
  • Cloud storage
  • Low price to get started


If you’re looking for a powerful, streamlined experience, then Endlesss is the site for you. This application for Mac computers and iPhones is streamlined and user-friendly. Getting involved in the diverse online music collaboration support community is an excellent option for anyone looking to curate good working relationships as they start to make their own name in music production. 

Key Features:

  • A supportive Discord server for meeting a wide variety of musicians
  • The ability to map every function to a MIDI controller for ease of use
  • You can use all of your equipment without worry


If you want to collaborate, promote your work, and gain a following all in one place, then look no further than Soundstorming. Soundstorming allows you to record directly from your smartphone, protects your copyright, and allows you to start working with a wide variety of musicians right away. 

This is a reliable, helpful option for anyone who wants to use one platform for all of their music-producing needs. You don’t need to worry about multiple accounts when using Soundstorrming because everything is easily integrated into one place. 

Key Features:

  • The ability to curate a profile and gain followers
  • The ability to create direct recordings
  • You can look up other musicians through their detailed profiles in order to help you understand their work better before you collaborate. 

Avid Cloud Collaboration

Avid is a company known for its powerful, industry-standard media-making software. Avid Cloud Collaboration is professional software for producing powerful music. 

This is a more expensive option that needs to be used at a computer setup, with no app interface. This option is best for someone who already has other resources and tools available to them to curate a specific experience that suits their needs. 

Avid Cloud Collaboration’s robust interface, wide variety of available plugins, and ability to connect you to professionals are some of its greatest benefits.

Key Features:

  • It works with various equipment
  • The interface lets you access talented musicians right away
  • It has extensive cloud storage available for all your projects


Melboss is a private network for professionals who want to connect and work together. Melboss is unique because it features music lessons, mentor workshops and can help musicians license their work for sale instantly. 

This community may be for you if you’re looking to sell work right away to a market of skillful pro-level musicians. Melboss is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to grow their toolkit, develop their experience in the industry, and is eager to learn from a treasure chest of online resources curated to feature tips and tricks from the pros. 

Key Features:

  • The massive amounts of musical education available
  • The built-in marketing tools
  • Frequent opportunities to win licensing contracts with majors labels


Search for a professional to collaborate with using SoundBetter. SoundBetter has been featured in Variety, Billboard, MusicRadar, and various other publications for its fantastic service. 

SoundBetter can connect you to pros at the height of their careers, such as producers who work on music by BTS and other big names. Using SoundBetter benefits anyone who is ready to launch their music into the next level and needs a platform to help them do just that. 

Key Features:

  • Tremendous proposal system which lets you sell your idea in seconds
  • A huge userbase, ranging from bagpipe players to game audio designers
  • A curated feed that shows you proposals you’re more likely to be interested in joining.


Vocalizr connects singers and producers on one easy-to-use website. It’s an ideal platform if you’re looking for a vocalist on your latest track or want to feature as a voice. 

Vocalizr has been specifically developed to help singers and producers connect without the extra steps of other instruments being involved. This is ideal for users who know exactly what they want to create and don’t want the hassle of working in a bigger, more confusing project online community. 

Key Features:

  • The Gig Hunter, which allows vocalists to search for work instantly
  • A timeline style interface
  • An amazing search function, which uses tags to help you find your perfect partner in music collaboration


BeatStars is a marketplace used by thousands of producers to buy and sell unique, premium beats. BeatStars allows music makers to keep 100% of the profit from their beats, with no sneaky charges. 

With BeatStars, you can post your music directly to all major music platforms at once, from Spotify to Apple Music. If you’re someone looking to make a name for yourself and get your work heard quickly, then BeatStars may be worth checking out. This application will get you working and creating a profit in just a few clicks. 

Key Features: 

  • Its simple publishing function for all streaming services
  • Its custom storefront allows you to choose what image to sell to your growing audience
  • A sizeable user base of over 2 million members

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